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The Hotel

The Gran Hotel Diligencias, is located in the Historic Center of the port city of Veracruz. It is a hotel whose unique architectural beauty preserves and highlights a tradition of more than two centuries of hospitality. From our terrace you will have a unique view of the city; forward the Zocalo and Palacio Municipal, right and left Cathedral and the traditional Portals.

Our hotel not only offers a high quality of service, plus live and feel the original atmosphere of Veracruz.


At th end of XVIIs century, a stage coach station was built within the city walls = with their stone bastions for also discouraging the eras notorious pirates. This station was where the Diligencias, coaches carrying mail from Mexico city, stopped. Soon the need arose for a place where coachmen and passangers might spend the night, and in 1795 the first inn was constructed to provide rest and refreshment to travelers who had spent days traveling over rough roads.

The place where the Gran Hotel Diligencias now stands was initially important because it was the main site for dispatching the diligencias, making communications and commerce possible between Veracruz and the nations Capital.

Over time, the site has seen many innovations: In 1806 its famous arched portales were built and the hotel was remodeled to reflect European architecture and style.

Gran Hotel Diligencias has inspired such great Mexican figures as Agustin Lara, the composer and musician who wrote the song "Veracruz" in what is now Room 121.